Bespoke Jewellery

Here at Strongfields, our in-house skills base is diverse, across the complete jewellery spectrum. This enables us to design and make jewellery to a diverse and world class standard. We are skilled, traditional, craftsmen jewellers, through and through. However, we have also embraced all the very latest technology currently available, allowing us to offer a full compliment of in-house design and manufacturing services many would expect to only find available in the most exclusive jewellers in the very largest cities, at far higher price points than our own.

Our design and making service for bespoke jewellery is one of the most comprehensive and professional you will find anywhere in the UK. Don't worry if you only have the most basic of ideas, and need further inspiration. We are bursting with ideas and we love what we do. Nothing is so emotive as a special jewellery purchase, especially when you play a part in the design and manufacturing of it - making the piece truly your own.

If you have ever had a design idea for a particular piece of jewellery, no matter what, then you will have to go a long, long way to find jewellers with our passion, skills and capabilities.









Organically fashioned unique ring featuring the birthstones of both the wearer and partner.


Our briefing for this ring was to make something with a surface constructed from baubles of white gold. The three stones within the ring were to be surface set into random baubles. The ring has significant meaning for the wearer. 

The ring was made by forming its' shape from jeweller's wax. Each bauble was individually formed by hand and the whole piece was then cast using the lost wax casting method. The stones were set afterwards by burring into random baubles.

The top of the ring had to be completely polished by hand with a bristle brush pendant attachment to bring the finish up to the high gloss finish which was then finished with Rhodium plating.