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Strongfields The Jeweller Relaunches Website - But They Won't Be Selling Jewellery

18 December 2021

Strongfields The Jeweller Relaunches Website - But They Won't Be Selling Jewellery



Strongfields The Jeweller, formerly of Market Street in Preston are set to relaunch their website in 2022, with one marked difference – they won’t be selling jewellery.

A quick chat with Martin the retired former owner of the well-loved jewellery store and online brand soon clarified things.

Strongfields the jeweller closed their retail store on Market Street Preston in 2016 following two hold-ups in the previous two years, one of which was featured on BBC1 Crimewatch in January 2015. They continued with their online and bespoke services for a few years after that up until retirement.

During two decades in the jewellery trade Strongfields acquired a number of web-domain names and registered trademarks we no longer have a use for and have decided to offer them for sale on the website.

Martin went on to explain, "Both before and since my retirement I have done voluntary work in the mental health sector. I also have accredited qualifications in the field of mental health and wellbeing and have been putting these to good use helping people who have been badly affected by the pandemic, amongst other things. I am in the process of setting up a website offering free mental health and wellbeing advice for anyone anywhere who needs it. Any monies that are raised from the sale of these web names and trademarks will be put towards providing this exciting project."

There are many registered domain names being offered which will be suitable for jewellery related businesses as well as companies which operate within the premium gift trade and luxury label trade.

Look out for the website relaunch towards the end of January 2022.