The most important piece of advice I can give anyone with regards to looking after their jewellery is to remember that you should get it inspected at least once a year by a professional jeweller. So often we are presented with pieces of jewellery that have cost significant amounts of money in the past, and the client has never once had their jewellery inspected or serviced. You would not buy an expensive car without getting it serviced or checked over, and yet so many consumers think that because they have spent thousands on a quality piece of jewellery it should last for years without any attention or upkeep. Jewellery, especially rings face an incredible amount of wear and tear just in normal use. You can buy the most expensive, branded jewellery in the world, but it still needs maintaining and monitoring to ensure it stays in perfect condition.

The most common things we get asked about are:

Items of Gold Jewellery

To enjoy your gold for years to come, polish regularly with a soft cloth to bring out its vibrant shine. It's also best to store your gold jewellery separately  from silver and other metals which can cause discolouration. As with most types of jewellery, contact with chlorinated water can attack the surface of gold and result in damage to it's appearance. It is always best to remove your gold jewellery before swimming in either chlorinated water or the sea.

It's also useful to remember that many everyday items such as perfume, hairspray and cleaning products can also tarnish your gold. It may well be worth considering that your rings will come into contact with anything your hands do.

Rings with stones 

The golden rule with any ring with stones in is to remember that anything  that gets trapped underneath a stone can affect the way the stone looks - and depending on the type of stone this can be permanent. Any professional jeweller should have the ability to give your diamond ring a clean and polish.

Losing a stone

One of the most common causes of lost stones is due to a claw or claws being loosened over a period of time, and a very common reason for this is the way you take your ring on and off - especially if it is a high four claw setting. If this is the case taking the ring off by holding the sides of the ring NOT by holding the top where the diamond is and the bottom. 

It is a good idea to ask your jeweller (Hopefully that is us!) to inspect your claws and tips at least once a year for wear and tear. The tips and claws are subject to wearing down over a period of time, and can, on occasion get snagged on a thread in some fabric or in long hair. When it comes to claws and tips, especially where valuable stones are concerned - a few pounds spent getting the stone secured can literally save thousands replacing a lost stone.


As beautiful as they are unique, they are also organic and incredibly delicate. Pearl jewellery should be the last thing to put on when getting ready. They are incredibly sensitive to perfume, body creams, sprays and hair products. They should be the first thing you take off when getting undressed. Always store them in the box they came in. If you wear your pearls regularly, then they may well need restringing every couple of years or so. Again any professional jeweller should be able to do this for you.