Challenge Of The Day - Photographing Pearls

Friday, 3 July 2015

Photographing brand new strands of freshwater pearls is not easy! It is like photographing hundreds of little mirrors all at the same time!

It may sound easy, but we have a policy of not doctoring our photographs, other than cropping them to fit. Each one of these beautiful little pearls is like a little mirror ball, due to the nacre or pearlesence, which is naturally present and as we only select particularly high quality pearls, the challenge was even greater.

We have a strict policy of not doctoring our photographs, other than to crop them to size - in other words they are not photo-shopped and we do not add sparkles etc. 

This is itself does present challenges to us on a daily basis - and today's was trying to avoid the pearls catching reflections from the camera or the person taking the photographs!

Here is one of the results - a row of beautiful freshwater pearls which have been hand strung and individually knotted. They have been finished with a fabulous, completely handmade red gold globe fastener, the necklace is of course fully British hallmarked by Edinburgh assay office. Our new bridal wear collections for 2015 are now on display in our Preston shop and will be featuring on this website very shortly.